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A lot has changed since the 90s. Animated GIFs are enjoying a renaissance both on the web and in email marketing.

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A number of campaigns use animated GIFs for humor, and do so with great success. Often, this bit of movement is enough to surprise a reader, trigger their interest, and get them to click through to a landing page.

We used this trick in this email to promote our Email Client Market Share infographic. You can check out the full email and its code here. But animated GIFs can be used for more than just gimmicks and humor.

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Email service provider Mailchimp used animated GIFs in a series of emails to errotica achives com explain its redesigned interface. Naturally, many were pleased with the campaigns:. This email from Code School is a beautiful example of illustrating a complex idea—all the things you can do with Google Drive. First, not every email client supports animated GIFs. Instead, they will show the first frame.

To overcome this, many email designers ensure that vital information—perhaps a call-to-action, offer, or headline—is included in the first frame of the GIF. Used sparingly, animated GIFs can surprise and delight subscribers. Used too frequently, the same subscribers may tire of them and become less likely to engage with your campaigns.

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Third, animated GIFs can pose a problem in terms of accessibility. Content flashing rates between 2 Hz and 55 Hz can harm users with photosensitive epilepsy. Click on your first frame, hold shift, and click your last frame to highlight them all. Then, click on any frame to set the delay and all the others will change with it.

What is a GIF?

Push the play button the little triangle at the bottom of your timeline to preview. The second button from the left in your timeline panel will have a few drop down options. Next, choose a GIF option from the Preset drop down female nude masterbation. The numbers next to the GIF option shows how many colors your animation will display. The higher the number, the more high quality the file. I usually select GIF Dithered so my animations are vibrant without too much color banding.

Keep in mind that using a Dithered option increases your file size. I typically leave the settings as-is, with the H.


There you have it! Create them for sales, tutorials, holidays, recipes, emails, social media—the options are endless! Used properly, GIFs can create an amazing impact on your audience and boost your brand awareness. So get to it!

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We provide a more in depth cinemgraph tutorial in our post on cinemgraphs as the next big social media trend. There are a plethora of interesting ways brands can leverage GIFs in their content. With Gifs. No matter what size you make your images, Facebook will stretch the GIF to a width of px. Attempting to directly upload your GIF to Facebook will result in a still image. This means that your GIF has to be hosted somewhere else.

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you re awesome gif angel diamonds casting Good news everyone! Facebook has added more motion to promotion allowing business pages to use GIFs in their posts and ads. The social media giant rolled out GIF support for personal pages back in May, but left business pages hanging. It appears Facebook is now slowly rolling out GIF support for business pages. Only a small percentage of brands currently have the ability to oral creampie compilation GIFs. However, Facebook announced that they would roll out GIF support more widely if users react positively to the test posts.
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you re awesome gif bratty jamie videos Heck, at one point in time, we even opted to use GIFs on our homepage instead of fancy code-based animations. I usually make gif in ScreenFlowwhich is also what I use for our product videos. If you want amazing GIFs, you need to be really selective about your use of color. Not only will it play a huge part in your file size, but using less color lets you make longer, more awesome GIFs that are still relatively small in you size. For me, small is under 1MB. Programs like ScreenFlow and After Effects let you export your video with motion blur.
joanna garcia ass GIFs are the staple currency of social media humor today. And many brands have made strategic use of GIFs to make themselves be seen as human, relatable, approachable and with a sense of humor. Brands use GIFs for a variety of reasons including featuring a product, announcing a discount or as just replies. When words do not suffice to evoke an emotion from your audience, give a GIF a go. GIFs can be used in a lot of places including emails, social posts as photo postsand replies on social media think Facebook and Twitter. You can find Gifs of every kind in these sources.