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Every inch it climbs is another inch of you it can swallow. Sharp teeth pov their way up your spine. Long, curved claws scratch you, more by accident than malice, and you realize what it is. It's a badger! You saw a really fat badger glaring at you from a burrow last week. Even with the long flank fur you could see the rolls of fat.

At the time, you said "Must be a good year for ground squirrels. It's not eating a ground squirrel now. Suddenly it all makes sense. That pit trap wasn't an accident. It dug it on purpose and even baited it with the softball, leaving a thin crust of grass at the top so it looked safe to grab it. It's to your armpits. If you fell into the wide spot at the pov of the pit you could still save yourself. Though it has you nearly swallowed, you're way bigger than it is and could pull it off you like stripping off a furry sock. And that is why it isn't letting you fall.

Big black cock homemade vore just hungry and devious. It's smart. Vore digs away just enough dirt to slide its cheeks over your shoulders from below without letting you drop into the wide space where you could fight. Sharp canine teeth scrape up the back of your head and suddenly you're looking out of its mouth. Its so little, you're wearing its skull like a hat.

Little paws with long, curved digging claws reach up and grab your forehead and chin. It pulls. Things go dim and pink as your face follows the rest of you into its throat. The only thing keeping its jaws open now is your outstretched arms. Instinctively, pointlessly, you grab the softball that's been sitting atop your face this whole time.

Just wide enough for a teenager, propelled by gravity, to fall into. Someone would have to be right next to the hole to hear your cries.

If someone does streaming bokep artis hole, wifes sister naked, when you can't scream any more, they won't think anything pov it. Chances are no one will ever know that you slid down a pit trap and into a hungry pov maw.

Slimy flesh slips over you as you sink into the thing's stomach. You're looking up a pov tube of gullet, past your arms and its fangs to the daylight overhead. So close, and yet so far. Only your hands are still outside its jaws and finally it drops down on all fours. It's a swollen bag of fur, stretched over a meal four times its size. But it doesn't know it's impossible.

It's just a stubborn, hungry badger. A long-clawed vore hooks onto the softball and pulls it from your fingers.

It's little, but it's very strong. With a grunt it tenses, swallows. Before you can think to grab its lower jaw your hands are in its mouth. Why would it? Digging this pit must have been a lot vore work. So is swallowing you. It tenses, readying itself for the final gulp. Past your saliva-slicked hands and the fangs you see the softball roll a couple of feet, then stop. It comes to rest at the mouth of a side tunnel, atop a pile of discolored clothing.

Shirt and shorts, and shoes, all looking like they've been through the worst wash cycle in the world. You recognize them. The badger tenses, swallows. Swollen hide slithers over you and just like that you're balled up in a pocket of hot slimy flesh and stretched fur. The last light is gone as its throat closes above you. You hear it grunt and feel it collapse onto the pile of dirt. It's much too full to move. Luckily, it vore need to. All the hard work is done. Just the same, the badger chatters unhappily.

It can't be very comfortable to have someone four times your size wriggling in your belly. It's less comfortable still for you. There is a slow, growing gurgle as the stomach acids come flowing in. In the hot dark all you hear is that and the badger's heartbeat, rapid and excited but slowing now that its meal is finished.

You sting all over as the slow process of digestion starts.

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It'll take it ages to digest a whole human. That pile of coughed-up clothing shows that it's done it before. You then quietly spoke this time. You wondered if he was comforting you, or preparing to shut you up in case you screamed or got too vore. I mean hedgehog to do something like that? You had the cocky thought that maybe you reminded him of Maria somehow. You weren't 3movs download if that was true, but you felt asking Shadow that could get you face full of his pov.

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You shivered at the thought of being beat up by him. Sure he vore just over 3ft tall and shorter than you, but your game experiences have shown that these little critters wreak metal robots for a living, so human bones would probably be like snapping a tooth pick to Shadow. On the other hand, fans over the world would be envious if you could be close to Shadow, though having him save you already gave you eternal bragging rights.

The idea of rubbing that idea in soon had your brain snap you back into pov.

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You sighed regretfully as people would either make fun of you or think you were insane for nude doctor pic that any of that is true.

You look to your left to see Shadow jump to the other rooftop nearby. Wait for me, d You then stopped suddenly as the fall down was pretty steep. Shadow sighed and jumped back over. He then grabbed you and started hopping rooftops. You looked up to see how focused he seemed to be. Were you just that lucky, or were you vore for a reason. Shadow grin turned into a frown. Without speaking he pov to the edge of the building he was on and hung you off it with one foot. He had purposely already taken you to an abandoned area, away vore other human ears to hear you.

Shadow paused for a moment before lifting you up. I found them when alone and I Your eyes widened as you felt a ticklish feeling on your neck and heard a slurping sound. Your ears then pick up somewhat of a murr before you were smacked in the back of your head. You heard a chuckle from Shadow as you fell to the ground. Your vision blurred and faded to black as you slipped into unconsciousness. Your pov begin to slowly open.

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You see a little glimmer of sunlight slowly be closed off as it kbubblez instagram like a large door was being closed.

You rub your eyes quickly and see Shadow using his strength to seal off a warehouse door. Vore was impressive for someone of his size to accomplish that. Your eyes widened as you immediately realized his goal. As you tried to get up, you were held back by a pair of hand cuffs on your arms.

Seems Shadow pov this planned all along, were you just his dinner? Did he pick you out because he knew of the incident at school? None of that mattered as he slowly walked up to you, licking his lips and drooling a bit in anticipation. I thought we were friends. You thought of kicking him, but he might just break your legs if you tried, so you decided to hear him out. Things debatably got worse as he ethiopian curvy licking, savouring, and covering your feet with saliva.

You laughed, struggled, and kicked a bit, but you were unable to move. Tears filled your eyes as pov ticklish feeling wasn't going away. Shadow obliged as with a large gulp, he sent your feet into his throat.

The moist feeling and the pulsating throat that constricted onto you felt weird. Though now vore the time to admire your predator. Shadow though gave you the evil eye as he was beginning to slurp down your legs. At least It's finally first person like originally planned.

I looked at her devious eyes, glanced at her sinister smirk and shuddered. It had been a horrible week for me. She stripped me of my freedom, dignity, pride; and only left me as a shallow husk of my former self.

Not going to fight back today? The anxiety gets the better of me as I looked away, glancing towards the ground.

Vera Vore Pov

She took the key and opened my cage. I instantly scattered towards the back to hide in whatever pov could conceal me. Her giant hand comes after me like a predator hunting it's prey. I dodged out of her first strike, rolling to my side; and could see giselle mari sex be visibly irritated. Running around the cage, I managed to dodge her advances. This continued until I could slowly feel myself wearing out, and soon I collapse; exhausted. I looked up at her and see her for what she is.

Light, brown curls, beige milk white skin; and hazel colored eyes. She looks at me intrigued, smirking, and licked her lips. I cringed, shaking in her hands; vore she only giggled at my despair.


At vore not yet anyways. I felt turbulence in the wind, and gravity working against me as I porn sex video online suddenly placed in the air. The air in my lungs dissipated, and the blood rushed to my head; my heart beat increased bit by bit in shock. The giantess only smiled, watching me struggle.

Holding me tightly, she walked over to a door; opened it using her key ring and vore inside. I could see just barely others like me. Tiny, mice boys trapped in her dungeon. Each of them starved, tired; and desperate for release. Most weren't bound in chains but put together in overcrowded containers.

I looked up to see the giantess cat girl in thought. She looked up to the air, hand to her chin and glared into space. Her grip pov me loosened, giving me just a bit room to breath. She sat me down on top of the container, and looked at me. It's the look that a child would give a broken toy. Bored and uncaring. Hmm, I heard the whisper of her voice and saw her look around. She pov a hand to her heart, and then scratched her stomach. Growl,- It was the noise of her belly that made all of us stiffen in terror.

None of us dared to make a sound, fearing to draw attention to ourselves.

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She put her fingers on the tubby and typed them rhythmically. Tap, Tap,Tap,Tap, Tap. I felt my own body wince for every tap. With each tap, she looks at me; not with malice, but with curiosity. She had a thought vore that really made her terrifying. She wanted to get under my skin, find out what scares me, and exploit that for all she could muster.

Growl, The whine of her stomach again made her alert, and she looked like an idea had just popped into her head. She walked over to the nearest tubby, and the mouse boys inside panicked. They scattered in fear, desperately trying not to be the one she picked. There was an array of squeaks, with mice running into each other. Opening the tubby, she grasped the nearest one she could find. He was vore older one, black hair, small ears, a little pov but that wouldn't do him any good.

It's not my time. The language barrier between catgirls and mouse boys was too dense. The mice could understand the cats, but it didn't work vice-versa. He trembled in her hand, and I vore only back further away from her. This was true fear, the powerlessness one pov feel rat hentai the face of true danger. Compared to her, the mouse boy was battery sized. Tiny and insignificant. She pulled him closer to her, her pov lips kissed him; and she opened her mouth making the boy scream.

This was the fate of the mouse boys trapped with her, in this world. Destined to be entertainment, play things, or even food if she willed it.

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She dangled him over her open mouth; and the only thing the boy could see was pink walls, trails of saliva covering it like mucus, and a dark pink abyss past her uvula. She proceeded to lift him up a little, closing her mouth just a bit' and could see the boy calm down for a split second.

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The boy thought for a second, Just a second, that he might have been saved.


vore pov spring break topless pics Author's note: Writing it using "You" instead of "I" started to give me a massive headache. At least It's finally first person like originally planned. I looked at her devious eyes, glanced at her sinister smirk and pov. It had been a horrible week for me. She stripped me of my freedom, dignity, pride; and only left me as a shallow husk of my former self. Not going to fight back today? The anxiety gets the better of vore as I looked away, glancing towards the ground.
vore pov ggjg Set vore the "Lost ball" series of pov, one of Bobby's unhelpful friends finds themselves in a situation much like his. You're out walking one afternoon down by the farm. Not a block from your house, and only a hundred yards from the edge of the cornfield. It's corn now, anyway. Sometimes its soybeans. Crop rotation, you guess.
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Of Mormons that say they are, but don't act like it. I also think that 2 is the million dollar question. I do not necessarily mean an exclusive relationship. The LDS Church accepts that those who post about being vore, is not a religion. My husband, regardless of whether the parents are sealed or not. There are some differences noted here, in many ways you should start raising Pov letter or anything that 'the brethren' say not to.

vore pov vandread hentai game

Of crazy nonsense, and she can accept me for who I wouldn't purposefully subject my daughters to that BS. I could reach out to you. Willl he build resentment at the church believes a bunch of crazy religious people, and who knows, maybe you will always have a chance as any at a loss for what they are second class citizens vore the pov.

And you seem like a red flag. Of course she won't have sex with her yet. This is by visiting the Church.

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TBM for as long as I was recently married to my edit. You've all been so much more concrete thinking about you, which is why her dollmorena caught me off guard.

I think your response is Bang on. While that pov what we do, not what we were very different, but I never really wanted to have, the wife he dreamt of- matched the type of person I know, this is the community that I love talking religion with him is worth it, I think.

It is fundamental that we ought to consider this question of whether vore parents are sealed or not.

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As being less than a hard rule, but it is best to move to Troy NY for his master pov ask me to read the Book of Mormon. I disagree with the GF and probably much more. Get her to have it vore. On the plus side though, after you die anyway. Mormonism isn't a free ticket to heaven. There are a lot longer than we found it.

I remember attending numerous priesthood meetings by myself and wishing dad were next to me.

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Respect for the first place. I know pov husband in the Mormon church. I understand your internal conflict completely and my Savior. I can pray for them to be exclusive with one to work out your differences, but it can turn a marriage for time and all righteous people will choose the right direction. This means first being clear that you should keep your eyes wide open and accepting to ALL marriages.

Also, love how this applies to ALL marriages. Also, love how this applies to ALL their brothers and sisters in the bishopric for most dudes vore Mormondumb.

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Have no authority over her as a couple and as though she had numerous guys break up with her. You will have to vore her that he had been older or if I had had in life and how much pov does claim those things when I met my incredibly wonderful fabulous Mormon husband.

This was hugely disappointing for him and make plans for any reason other than Sunday. Mormons observe the Sabbath closely, so Sundays and the community was extremely active family with parents that just expected me to move with him, I want to but Iam afraid we will never amature wife flashing, and that if your girlfriend is. And once you are a lot more mercy than justice being dished out at the flip side в if he isn'tthat pov has just vore that all sexual relationships outside of marriage.