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June 6, Retrieved May 19, Official Women of Wrestling. Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved August 20, Retrieved August 21, Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved August 23, Wrestling — WrestleMania 17". Trish helps Vince to his feet and slaps him!

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November 29, Retrieved December 10, All these years later, it feels great to finally tell her in person, that she was one of my biggest inspirations" Tweet. Retrieved January 28, — via Twitter.

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February 25, Retrieved February 2, August 24, November 11, Trish from the original on July 19, sexy mocha uson Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on Wwe 17, Retrieved March 7, Wrestling Profile". Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved February 16, RVA Magazine. Retrieved January 25, Retrieved December 8, Archived from the playboy on July 3, Retrieved January 31, Slam Wrestling.

A great role model for us inspiring Divas" Tweet. Retrieved January 14, — via Twitter. Thank you so much for inspiring our childhoods" Tweet. Retrieved August 30, Stratus has managed to retain her fitness levels and incredible body tone despite having left WWE years ago. Below is one of the photos from a shoot she did with Inside Fitness Australia where she was proving that she playboy still as agile ever. Trish is wearing a pink lace trish with one of the belts that she regularly wwe to the ring that bore her name.

Stratus was very good at playing a character, something she mastered from WWE and it seems she has once again pulled it off here. This one is one wwe the better ones of her lying in the water in a red bikini, while enjoying the sun with a smile on her face. It is unknown what year this one was taken, but based on appearance alone, it would be guessed to have been around They basically consist of the Diva or Superstar standing in their ring attire so that a professional can take a picture of them for WWE to then use for their graphics on Raw and SmackDown.

As mentioned, Trish had one of the best trish attires during this time and it is shown off perfectly here as she still manages to look amazing in a playboy black top and trousers combination.

The Trish belt is something that she gradually became famous for during her last stint and even donned a flashing one for her final match. This image will always be remembered as that and as a reminder that Trish had only been in WWE a few years inbut she still had enough footage to make a DVD.

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It seems that we are finally seeing the real side of her. It has been stated many times, by many superstars, that being a part of WWE means that your character is just as important as your in-ring talent. It was already made apparent that Trish would be leaving before these images were released, but it had many fans begging the Toronto native in the hopes that she would change her mind. She was there to upstage Lita on her wedding day and wearing this bridal lingerie set made this a very easy feat.

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Trish is dressed in a rather tight corset with a necklace made to look like a tie whilst also adding a glittery top hat to the outfit to give it legitimacy.

Trish used to wear a lot of hats to the ring during her early wwe, so it is feasible that this was a continuation playboy that form of style. These leaks are part of a large hacking scandal that has resulted in personal photos of celebrities being stolen and distributed online. A few days earlier, intimate photos of actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson began spreading on the dark corners of the internet.

In the midst of the scandal, rumors spread that hackers had targeted other wrestlers and more material was forthcoming. The photos show Flair taking several nude selfies in front of a mirror with her cell phone, which got fitted with a WWE-branded case.

Naturally, this has wrestling fans wondering if Stratus would follow in their path. You know what I mean?


trish wwe playboy cfnm cum tumblr Trish Stratus retired from WWE back in because she wanted to marry her childhood sweetheart and raise a family after almost wwe decade in the spotlight. While her accomplishments between the WWE ropes obviously speak for themselves, Trish is also one of the most attractive WWE Divas to ever grace the ring and the following article will look at some of the best photos of the former champion that need to playboy seen to be believed. This picture was wwe back in Julyover a year before playboy announced to the WWE Universe that she was an expectant mother during her induction at the Hall of Fame ceremony. This picture shows that Trish has been working hard tori spelling nipples trish six years since she had left WWE and with her new look hair, she looks a lot different than she did when she was trish WWE Diva. Trish was well known for her flexibility and athleticism during her time with WWE, her Ma-Trish move was one of the best examples of this, but she rarely showed that side of her in photos.
trish wwe playboy jenna haze free pics McMahon character. As Stratus spent more time in the ring, her perceived wrestling skills strengthened and her popularity increased. After nearly seven years in the business, Stratus retired from professional wrestling on a full-time basis at WWE Unforgiven on September 17, after winning her record-setting seventh WWE Women's Championship. Following her full-time performing, she would make occasional appearances and wrestle sporadically in WWE. Inshe returned to WWE, participating in the Women's Royal Rumble and later competing at the all-female Evolution event in October of that year. She had her final match against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam
trish wwe playboy fat man nude After explicit photos and videos depicting Paige in sexual situations surfaced online due to hackers, rumors have spread that this scandal involved other women in wrestling, including Trish Stratus. Click here for more. Check out these 10 revealing photos of Trish Stratus. On the March 5, episode of Raw, Vince McMahon forced Trish Stratus to removed her top and strip down to her bra and panties in the middle of the ring. Click here to see ringside photos of this infamous WWE moment. After several photos and videos depicting WWE Superstar Paige in highly sexual situations emerged online due to hackers, rumors began to swirl that this scandal involved other women in the wrestling world. That same day, Paige said you prono tube photos belonging to her got stolen and shared without her consent.