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Azh User Page Gallery Journals. I love what you did with the text boxes 83 very unique and cool. You were right the first time. I did the text boxes, cuz I'm awesome that way. Arabesquian User Page Gallery Journals. Shall I sic Cthulhu on the miscreant, Sir? It's feeding time again.

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The Elder God, in his squamous and rugose self. Azh does some really stylish coloring. The way she works with shading on the colors especially on the color tones on Renamon's and Jenny's fur really brings that much more life to them Now that she's been colored, it's easier to see how exasperated Renamon is at Krystal's actions. Lucario User Page Gallery Journals.

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Turn the lights off, get the dang popcorn and tell people to shut the fuck up cuz I ain't going anywhere till this girl star nude comic is over. Chibibass User Page Gallery Journals. Nice color job. Panel Three Narune User Page Gallery Journals. I have never seen a reneamon with expressions like that. Good job! This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Register Log in. By because it's nice to have a project bring couples together. As the colour versions of these pictures roll out, I'll move their sketchy counterparts into scraps, and remove them from the hot link bar at the bottom of the comics.

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Which means more work for me, and more fun for you! User comments.

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You got that right! Ha, color. Makes things funnier.

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the legend of jenny and renamon curvy sharon pics Main Gallery submissions. Mordak User Page Gallery Journals. Now in color! Would it not be easier to have all the links in the cumbang page? Yawg User Page Gallery Journals. Easier, absolutely. But then, someone wanting to go from one page right to the next would have to keep skipping to the cover.
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