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I love offal so I'm not kidding A lot of Italian Americans don't know the first thing about real Italina cooking though. Why is Laci in a pic with June? Is it because of Laci's boyfriend? It's so ironic Laci was a raging SJW who tried to personally correct me at one point. Many different wigs. It's her eyeliner that makes her look like she's stuck in the past. She never did, just started making moderate common sense videos and fucking Chris.

So now she has new anti-SJW friends and has their fanbase too. Her content isn't controversial like at all now, nudes the company she apparently keeps sure is. Shoe0nhead thats pretty cruel, rabbits are social creatures and need another rabbit companion otherwise they can get depression.

I mean I know this girl is pretty ignorant about most things but I would hope she would at least know that about rabbits. However given some of the pictures posted here of that tiny cage she keeps this rabbit in perhaps i'm being too hopeful. I feel for this shoe0nhead :. Also yeah does not shock me she has this bunny for image purposes.

I used to work for an adoption charity which specialised in rabbits and learnt a lot about them and its heart breaking shoe0nhead much it affects their personality. People often brought in lone rabbits because they were either agressive or miserable or both and its little wonder when they are kept alone. People seem to know about guinea pigs at nudes needing to be in pairs but rabbits are exactly the same and in fact it pisses me off this stupid bitch acts nudes an expert on rabbits when shes doing this. I had only seen a few of shoe0nhead videos shoe0nhead the rabbit and suspected as much but thought I would check because there are other things that can affect their temperament but that is the main one.

Apologies for this long angry reply but stuff like this pisses me off especially as she has a large audience and they will undoubtly soak up her ignorance which will possibly lead to more rabbits being ditched at shelters because people got shitty advice from a stupid cunt who uses a living creature as a fucking accessory for her fake image. But she made a lot of feminist and sex positivity videos which I found annoying and dumb.

I wrote something on my medium-sized blog saying something about the asexual "community" and she tried to correct me. I just was nudes not a fan of her kind of feminism then. It's been a few years so I can't remember if she ever attacked anyone or no, but it's weird how she apparently did a after she started dating a new guy. That is just not a sign of a good person to me, especially with how vocal she was before. I just know about her videos from a few years ago.

It's good to see that she seems to have changed for the better, but if she is really nudes out with people like June and Skep that is really fucky to me. Oh well this thread isn't shoe0nhead Laci so I'll stop here. What is remotely defensive about that? Some nudes us use strong language. Grow a pair. It becomes a tin foiling slippery slope and overtakes the whole thread because anons are too autistic to wait for real milk. Wtf does Kiki have to do with this thread?

If you don't like the gossip, what the hell are you doing here? How long did you have to nag him before he hot anime girl blowjob all those pics. My sex life would have been zero too if i wasted my adult life making a pic like that.

I got my learner's permit when i was 15 and i just used the height i was then. You were born, raised and currently living in America, your parents too, therefore you're American. Nudes of the question. She's always lived with her parents, never went away to school, never finished school, never worked for more than minimum wage, etc. Her youtube popularity wasn't based on effort, more so on timing, having "controversial" opinions for a woman, and being conventionally attractive.

In fact, the only genuine effort she seems to put into shoe0nhead is her looks. She's hasn't accomplished even the minimum amount that's normal shoe0nhead someone her age, so it kind of makes sense that she's immature and emotionally underdeveloped.

Where did you find this and how do you know that she made it? Once again, she is lying to please others. For her neckbeards she states nudes never had a sexuality until finding someone and for her asshole bf to cater to only his sexual needs which she mistakes as being part of their bdsm dynamic. She says she wouldn't be romantic with a woman, and wouldn't be sexual with one either because she'd only be sexual with someone she loves. She's obviously not bi as we all know but this might give enough of a loophole for Groceries to look for a unicorn for them.

Lord knows June won't. When people propose to someone, they usually jump at any opportunity to remind everyone they're engaged. Yet here Grocery is calling June his "girlfriend" when he just fucking nudes her to be his wife like two or three days ago God that makes his proposal seem like such an empty gesture.

Also, can we talk about the fact Nudes is snooping through June's computer while she's cooking for his ass? Kek, to pride himself as being alpha as fuck, it's pretty hilarious to see him openly admitting to snooping through his fiances computer while she is nudes for him like he's a child.

I think they'll have a wedding though. The only reason Greg proposed was because literally everyone in his damn family got married last year. He seems like the type of insecure person who feels the need to put a ring on literally anyone willing because no one else would settle for his lard ass at this point. Thing is, they have hot as fuck body builder boyfriends and wouldn't even think of someone like Greg for a nudes. June is just about the best Greg can get. And it's not like he has any dumb fangirls to fuck like onision, Greg's fans are fellow neckbeard m'atheists, like himself.

One minute he's all 'going to propose to my beautiful princess i customized the ring and everything' and she cried although it just looked like dramatically smeared mascara to me and one little MRA fuckboy scoffs and he goes 'nah marriage is stupid I only did shoe0nhead for convenience to get to my fuck toy' like that shit is fucking mean, if I were her that would have broken my heart and I'd shove that ring into his fucking eye Karma is a bitch June, good luck! You'd think any straight guy would be like 'nah that's fucking gay as hell' what an insecure loser.

Of course he couldn't be a fucking MAN, you know, and not let a fuckboys opinion get in the way of his fiances happiness, tell him to go suck a dick. Greg is going to put everything before June, and if they shoe0nhead get married, I bet nudes anything he's going to brag about having this like perfect submissive slave wife and totally dehumanize her, it's going to be some disturbing shit.

To be like 30 something years old, Greg sure does have the behavior of fuck boi college students with the shoe0nhead "trading up" thing. And I HIGHLY doubt June will wake up and realize nude pic of porn actress until he slaps divorce papers in shoe0nhead face and tells her about his 20yo camwhore blue eyes pornstar in a few years hell, even months tbh.

Like she's not gorgeous but she is pretty damn far out of his league, for a fat old man he got really lucky and should be grateful. I can totally see him cheating on her, but I think he'll just keep getting fatter and grosser, and I don't think he'll be able to leave her for a hotter, younger girl, like how would that even be possible lol?

If he leaves her for someone less attractive than she is that'll probably kill her though. She shoe0nhead so self-conscious and if she lets herself go kat dennings nude photo shoot a little in the marriage all that MRA stuff and insecurity will come crashing down on her and she'll blame herself. Pretty sad. Best case scenario the idea of seriously committing herself to this slob might make her wake the hell up and get away from all this, make something of herself.

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But who knows? I know a lot of shoe0nhead women into DDLG and a good portion of them are decently attractive but have the lowest standards possible. I think the whole "little" nudes goes hand in hand with extreme insecurity. With his popularity, some yo wannabe edgelord girl who has a nicer ass than June is bound to pop up and stroke his ego until he drops June… Bonus points if she's a tranny.

Her parents seem pretty laid back but it would break my heart to see my little girl setting herself nudes for that crushing heartbreak, I know it only makes it worse but I'd be trying sooo hard to talk her out of it. I don't see anything, but alexia gold nude totally could've shoe0nhead just put it on "friends-only" viewing.

Her dad's facebook is on public for the most part and he's posted nothing about it.

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I wonder if they find it too embarrassing that they are consciously refusing to post nudes it to their friends and family. Also, I find it kinda sad that her mom and dad post so damn much about Sarah but rarely ever post about June. In a way, I think they think June's "career" and "relationship" is an embarrassment.

I can't blame them. They haven't posted photos or posts about June in months…and of the few photos both of them have shared that June is in, Sarah is in them too, so that's probably why they shared them. If I'm not wrong, June is the older sister, she had a head start WAY before her sister, but here June is, like 26 and living in her parents house, a college drop out, newly engaged to shoe0nhead embarrassing excuse for a man who treats her like shit, while her sister is years younger, graduated college, employed and shoe0nhead Europe, talented nudes, and overall not an embarrassment.

It's not even lowkey anymore, it's obvious June's parents think she's an embarrassment. June should really take note of her sister's life and try to fix her own, because at this rate, in five years, Shoe0nhead is going to be that miserable divorcee cat lady that she likes to point a finger and laugh it right now. It's just that women aren't available shoe0nhead them in the first place, so these incels talk themselves into believing that they found something "better" and less threatening.

A sad beta coping mechanism. LOTS of people are under the impression that just getting katherine lanasa sexy will grant you all kinds of benefits when it comes to immigration, when you don't have to resort to marriage for similar benefits, or the benefits of marriage don't kick in immediately like they think.

Beggars can't be choosers. They're free to pretend otherwise, however. Because frankly, no one cares about traps…though beta cucks obsession with them is kinda gross and creepy. It's kinda cute. But to me it sounds so odd to not mention your daughters engagement, or wish her a happy birthday, or anything at all, especially when you plaster your facebook with her sisters photos and achievements and posts about how proud you are of her.

I think if they were worried about being flooded by June's fans, they wouldn't have their facebooks set to primarily public. I can only imagine their cityporn having their almost 30 yr old nudes male attention seeking daughter still live with them, she seems like a pain to live with as well as when skep visits to.

But from what Greg is implying, they're going to move in together soon? I can only imagine how fucking awful it must have been for her parents.

Anyways, I don't think they would ever get married. I mean, Groceries is known for caring a fuck about June, he isn't going to spend money to bring her ass to Canada and Shoe0nhead doesn't make much shoe0nhead to eventually migrate unless her poor parents give her some money so she can shoe0nhead stop leeching them but I don't think that they would that.

Also, they getting married without real experience living together lol. She is apparently counting moving to Canada as a business expense that her fans will pay for through donations so that they can have more consistent uploading.

She's such a fucking joke, kek. What else is she spending the ruler tube on? In the last 4 fucking years, her videos nudes been the same quality. I have no fucking idea where her money goes tbh, but she definitely has the money to move to Canada, I just don't see her as the type of person who could manage bills and responsibility, but I see her being a naive idiot and moving to Canada, and being overwhelmed by not having her parents pay nudes her.

I guess this nudes up a better question…where the FUCK is her money going? She hasn't improved video quality. She hasn't quit her job or anything because she never had one.

She doesn't pay bills. She doesn't really go anywhere for her videos past the occasional maturetube sex convention. She likely doesn't pay an editor or anything but her videos look like their made in movie maker. She could have got both of those things and more in the span of making ONE video and collecting her patreon donations. So where the fuck is all her money going? I think it's pretty obvious that's how she funds her wardrobe of overpriced yesstyle crap and extra leashes for grocery to put on her.

Why would you willingly choose to live with your parents at 26? Unless either she or one of her parents has some kind of undisclosed health problem that needs special care and attention. It's not like she's going to school and trying to save money in the meantime, or saving up for a car or some big expense.

It appears that she makes serious bank, yet she willingly lives in her high school bedroom? I'd really like to know why. That and she probably doesn't want to ever be responsible for anything herself.

Maybe she's just dumb as fuck and spends thousands on cheap fashion that she never wears… but some part of me is assuming she is saving for the future or something…but the other half of me doesn't think she's remotely smart enough for that. Then nudes, she could totally be giving her money to Greg too. Also, past fake tits, I don't think she has much plastic surgery. She obviously is still as ugly julie chu naked ever.

No minor changes have been made to her appearance. I thought she was so put together and confident hahahaha what the hell, was not expecting her to be one. People like june make me question my reality and feel like a fool for believing in their outer appearance.

I have to say though it takes a load off to find out shes actually a mess shoe0nhead her life isnt at all something to covet. I thought i was trash for biting my nails erotic mature tits hearing someone who pretends to be the it girl is actually bald and wears a wig because she rips out her hair really adds perspective. And she lives to please some fat space occupier? If every woman treated men nudes way she treats that piece of pitiful garbage then all the women would be chained up nudes fat slug the dude gif and i guess she doesnt realize that.

Or maybe she does and the internal conflict is there but now it can be redirected by the marriage proposal. I dont nudes what the hell she wants in life but you have to truly wallow in self hatred to turn off and be a puppet like that to a disgusting slob. Shes pretending theres no "oh my god what shoe0nhead fuck am i doing here with this asshole" moment but there are. Theyre everywhere when you lower yourself to that level for another person. She probably dissociates from a lot of it. I think ever since it was put into her head that girls get boyfriends shes obsessed with finding a guy to focus on.

It sounds so simple but when a woman focuses her naked girl enf on catching any guy and building from there then she gets to completely dissociate from and ignore her own dark, dreary self, full shoe0nhead festering weaknesses that continue to go unchecked.

You cant stop ripping your hair out or being a neet if you just keep looking for guys to micromanage. She picked this guy because she really believes she cant do better. Shoe0nhead to reconcile that she sings his praises and tries to make shoe0nhead lie a reality. And someone with a "look out for number 1" mentality isnt shoe0nhead to get into a relationship when they dont even know how not to rip their hair out of their scalp.

Throwing a wig overtop is watch my girlfriend tv pretty apt metaphor for her nudes choices. That skeptic douche is just shoe0nhead wig. Fix that. I wouldn't doubt this, she's a female version of a cuck, she's prob giving him a bunch of money to "make up" for the fact shoe0nhead diggers and divorce rape" exists or some wage gap type of shit. The ring looks so fucking cheap kek. I don't care about engagement rings being expensive. Hell, I don't even think it's necessary.

But it's really funny that he boasts about being so trad and how he treats June like a princess and then buys her this cheap ass costume jewelry looking ring from the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart. Also that girls needs some hand lotion. Also, her ring looks nothing like an engagement ring at all.

Like, I thought engagement rings were supposed to be diamond in the center… Wow, that ring alone made skep-douche a joke to nudes guys everywhere. JPG I just saw this and GOD they're fucking cringey Also lol to skep-douche for using June's enormous head to cover up his fat boi stomach in this photo. Obviously it was something she was doing to please him. He knew what he was getting into before hand. He just saw a hot girl who would fuck him and try and mold her into his perfect gf…. And ofc she was okay with that because loud anti-feminists women have little to any self respect to begin with.

He's working with what he gots okay. LOL guys she just deleted tweets she made 3 hours ago complaining about this joke made by Dave Chappelle about trans being an issue cause white men want to do that shit. Some said it was only a joke therefore it's not what he thinks and nudes said it was a political statement not a pure joke.

Remember how she and her fans said she was immune to criticism because her videos nudes just a bunch of jokes and she's a ''comedian''? What a hypocritte. I'm pretty sure she reads this page as well. So she deleted it because she realized many of her subscribers disapprove it so it nudes stay on her way of becoming a youtube celebrity.

She also hates radfems and this only makes their argument about trans people more valid. Spoiler: Video. Spoiler: Some Tweets June doesn't ashley massaro xxx onion patch creep is a pedo.

Spoiler: OT Greg apparently made a video about post-modernism awhile back. Why is it that after Jordan Peterson got in the spotlight all these pseudo-intellectuals on youtube start using that term? Although, Contra also seems like every other tumblr user.

Should Blaire get a thread? While Blaire might not be a the last airbender sex pics, the salt surrounding her seems thread worthy. Reactions: Fazanginvalid and Lackadaisy. Reactions: VorhtbameFierceBrosnantehpope and 2 others.

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CervixHammer Internet ist Krieg kiwifarms. Spoiler: Greg's gut and man-tits. Ive seen this one too many times, but pedos are trying to convince the world that love is love and that other bullshit just to seem normal. Just further proof that the world is going to straight to hell. They just need to create a "loving relationship" with a sharp spear instead. Can't tell if this due is an actual pedo or just a troll enjoying rilling people up. The production company that made Leaving Neverland is called Amos Picture what a coincidence and look how Amos Yee fans promote that movie to normalize pedophilia And people still don't see the sick agenda behind that hot naked black sluts movie where the director called a 7 year old a lover.

Fuck these sickos. The sad part about this is that his explanation could actually go over well with people who believe children deserve more rights. There was a woman in Australia can't remember if she was a doctor or not who felt that parents should ask their children for permission before changing their diaper.

I fear that in time it will shoe0nhead normalized. Very revolting and evil behavior all around. They need to tie his hands behind his back and throw him overboard. Preg still won't marry her. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. Note: The sword and door pics are not her. Also cheated on this shoe0nhead with Skeptic.

Shortly after he fails out. His wife found out and sent shoe0nhead to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. I would hate to live at home at It just feels like at that point must adults would want shoe0nhead own space. Let's stop perpetuating the notion that this is the correct nudes to have in retaliation to views that people can't agree with. It's never been a good enough excuse. Anyway, bashing sjws is old news, why can't antisjws just accept they're the new punching bag? It nudes sense considering all of the [shitty but numerous] communities they have made fun of over the last few years.

The only difference is you pissed off people who would actually take the time to petition politicians. The day I see a gooblygater call their representative about trannies ruining their video game narratives is the day I'll eat my socks. Does she feel no shame or embarrassment at all? Shoe0nhead one thing to have a fetish, but it's another to make it your entire identity, broadcast it all over the internet, and be a 26 year old calling your boyfriend "skebtic" and sleeping with a body pillow of him.

I wonder if June will still want to be with him when hes obese. In this cap she nudes like one of those grown ass women who try to dress "kawaii" and fail miserably. If you're a pathetic alt-righter who most likely nudes major self-esteem issues the reason the alt-right appeals to you, there's a lot of immature 'its not my fault, its society!

And then ignore the fact that the nudes saying it has their own issues and are screwed up because then that would show that you're probably messed up too. They just want some kind of figure patting them on the back and telling them they're okay. Living at home, never maturing, avoiding treatment of psychological issues, dependence, they just want some Youtuber to tell them that it's all fine instead of growing up. Sorry for armchair psychology but that's how I've always seen it and a major reason for her popularity. I don't even support this so nudes alt-right, but I'm more sympathetic to them than their counterpart.

The fact that AS isn't at all embarrassed of this and in general how she portrays their relationship is so gross, they probably get off on their fans lusting after her and being way too interested in their sex lives, where the 'mature' man would know that their intimate life should be kept private. He's gross and needs to lose weight. I just saw this in the top comments of a video I was watching, but I don't know if she's allowed to talk to the video creator since him and skebtic call each other out.

Without even trying to make it entertaining or funny? Like Blaire White has merch coming out and so does Shoe. Who the fuck cares? They make glorified reaction videos on the internet. I don't remember the last time I heard Shoe say something intelligent or thought provoking.

Cheerleader affect won't even work for her. Also does shoe0nhead wear a wig? And does anyone else find it gross that shoe0nhead wears that fucking daddy kink collar in her videos and talks about her fetishes all the time. That's you June, in a fucking nutshell! You're a socially retarded neet and find it comforting to put on this 'I'm such a magical unique perfect unicorn, not like the other girls teehee I'll gargle your jizz shoe0nhead reciting chan memes because I'm sooo funny' act but it's still so see through.

No amount of cat eyeliner or DDLG chokers can hide it. Goddamn this girl is so clueless. She looks too "western". Obviously you haven't seen the pics of him on Shane Dawson's podcast.

Italians are not white. I see you've never been to Italy. Hes just as cringy as the "Alphas". Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn. What the fuck is her problem?

It's just… What are "hella noms"? Are you fucking serious? Wow … is all of lolcow this trigger happy? I've heard people refer to everything from a simple "You look beautiful" to following a woman home and threatening her as "catcalling". Sage for shit post. Also it's a pretty healthy thing to put every single aspect of your shitty and sad relationship online.

She had posted nudes picture of herself posing all seductive like with a sandwich for her bf and it was tagged "happy international shoe0nhead day" apologies for not posting the pic i cant find it now.

Like ok i naked hairy men that some people dont believe in it but to me it just came across as extra. Theres a difference between not believing in something and going out of your way to be obnoxious. I also believe this is the reason she fills her twitter with bunnies and 4chan memes because if shes ever called on it its like "well clearly my twitter is not to be taken seriously. I have a theory and apologies if this is apparent to a lot of you but its like shes trying to be "ultimate waifu material" because i believe a lot of her subscribers are lonely anti-sjw types who sub to shoe0nhead because she makes them feel better about their views and gives them the hope that they too will find their stepford wife.

Her twitter is full of memes, anti-feminist and anti-sjw, cutesy girly stuff and most of all trying to convince people her bf is flynn from tangled.

There was a rumour that her bf breaking up aya her to do all this and that its his idea but personally i dont believe that although i get why people would say that-most nudes who are lovey-dovey with their bfs dont post as much about them as she does.

Also i think its funny that shes now complaining about being white knighted by anti-feminists because of some of the things they say they are doing, and she keeps posting about how people shouldnt get shit for having an opinion, its almost like she is trying to distance herself from what shes inspired some people to do.

From what i've seen shes the biggest attention whore going but because shes not a sjw people dont see it and she gets away nudes it. And no i didnt know shoe0nhead, and kek yeah she really sounds super thirsty now. TBF I cant deal with edgy people and for someone who complains about sjws she sure sounds like a fucking snowflake. Also I dont get why people think shes hot, i have seen a few recent vids of her and she looks different in pictures.

Out of interest i wonder what would happen if her bf left her-would she fall apart like her twitter gives the impression she would do, or would she nudes just as chirpy because it was all an act. I really cannot tell with her be interesting to see. Although I guess he isn't much better or less obnoxious judging by shit like this. Nudes probably super boring and has to have this 'omg i'm a submissive pet!!

I'm not like them amateur cum swallow tumblr gurls' personality. Makes no sense to me. I'm not necessarily a prude or anything but nothing about knowing the inner workings of two youtubers' sexual fetishes appeals to me. More than the other shit he does? Have you checked out his social media?! I check his twitter from time to time when gay cum in my mouth doesn't provide enough pathetic for me.

But he goes by the name "armored skeptic" so I can only imagine. If you're bisexual, just say so. If lukas haas nude really great celeb porn, though, that doesn't change because you love someone.

They don't realise there is a reason people leave it in the bedroom. So progressive, so unique. We are a couple and we have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accidently pressed "enter". Anyways what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?

Her coasted to fame by sucking off AS and having severe "woman on the internet" syndrome. Her videos were always shitty quality and horrible audio but because shes purdy gurrl she got a billion pathetic beta males holding her up like a goddess. Maybe if she made a good quality video for once and stopped being a disgusting whore on twitter people might take her a little more seriously. Also AS became shit after he revealed his face. He was hacked and it was released and then some crazy ex-gf dumped more info on him.

The candid shit was bad enough but ultimately thats why i unsubbed. Maybe even longer, but I've known about her for that long. How does she NOT get tired of serial attention seeking, I dont understand. What could she possibly be getting out of this? Younger girls were getting famous on 4chan and surpassing her, and she was already pushing Now shes 25…and hasn't given up.

Shoe0nhead dont care to check out her social media links now. This thread. All the negative attention is still attention. She lives for this.

At I don't want to know what that feels like. It must burn her tribbing movies that it took a decade to get this far. I actually like her. Unless you're just trolling. I think the reason it seems like she has no real opinion is because she just wants everyone to like her, and I think the fact that she can't speak up and do her job here shows that too.

I get the feeling that she would back down from her real opinion if she were challenged. And I agree it doesn't seem like she is very smart. Every time nudes tries to talk about politics or something other than "feminism is dumbbbbbb skebtic's dick omg" she comes across as not knowing very much about anything.

I had no idea lolcow was so full of sjw femnists. Makes me kinda sad really. You can go back at your board if this doesn't please you, you won't be tedditerri naked. Both left and right have their faults, but shoe isn't some alt-right waifu. The people in this thread saying she's "turning against other women to look hotter" sound like anally pained space princes.

I thought this thread was going to talk about her as a shitty person, not complain that she's "spreadin dat h8 peach". The things she says on her youtube channel are accurate and true. Just because someone isn't a feminist doesn't mean they are turning against other women.

I'm gonna be that rebel here and be like "stop attacking my girl guys". Idk if its the shoe0nhead web cam and editing or the memelordness but I nudes she's pretty okay. My aunt had a shitty bella thorne hot and it's exaggeratedly upturned like that. She also still shits on other girls esp. I recall her having a massive toucan nose, and I never understood why people thought she was cute cause of it.

I thought, shit, I haven't seen a Boxxy video in years I think she still does YT or came back or whatever? So I watch about thirty seconds and feel like something is wrong, so I check to make sure. Nah, not enough subs pretty sure. It was just strange. On top of that she doesn't even really sell the movie very well. Out of curiosity, I gave it a watch and it's an okay doc, not amazing, and not too radical in either direction.

However, it just felt like a fake shill to get her point of view across. It felt so lifeless and just not very educated. She has always had a small and really upturned nose, why are you so damn insane. I think she deleted it because even her followers said the joke was out of order.

Most of the giada de laurentiis porno here are almost certainly lolcow-worthy themselves if you knew who they were, the fact that fucking Mystery. A disgrace to bisexual women everywhere. It's annoying because they act like it's something unique and special to them when it's a really common relationship dynamic. What i don't get is why and how she can be attracted to a tub of lard like skeptic, I feel weirdly sad for her despite knowing she's a pile of shit.

It feels like she more into their sexual roles then actually into him in general. I prefer dominate guys but, not in the way that she does. Older to some degree and bigger but, not from the guy being just tall and fat, I don't see that as dominate at all but, I get why she sees it as that. I think it's pathetic when it revolves around your entire relationship, it's pretty clear he just treats her like the child she wants to be and they both get off on it.

She also seems like one of shoe0nhead girls who says shes bi because it will get her attention. To be fair, Skeptic makes a good self insert shoe0nhead them because he's as nudes minded ad stereotypical. It's all just one big circle jerk. Also i come across quite a few subs who have her mentality in the BDSM community, im not surprised she says the things she does, its clear what she wants is asspats. You are totally right about nudes else tho. The thirst is shoe0nhead.

Catie is way cuter, June just wears brown wigs and thick shoe0nhead and people think she's Boxxy, I don't get it. Not everything the alt right says is anti-women red pill bullshit anon sure its undeniably a circle jerk which discourages open forum discussion for the extreme side but there's still moderate room for discussion for the middle leaning ones.

There are many liberals which are anti-feminist, anti-religion, anti race mixing etc. Undergroundlinks com guess its to make themselves look more reasonable "see im kind to animals, im not a bad person" however in shoe's case I think its more to push her cutesy image.

She's always been into "Film-making" Which is what she went to college for before dropping out and so dating back from the time she was really young, likeshe had a nudes internet presence by making videos, having all kinds of social media accounts with floods and floods of pictures. When Boxxy was around she was one of the original Boxxyfags in the Boxxysphere, and was a big part of the website Unichan. Where every lonely neckbeard was completely obsessed with her. I honestly have always looked at June as the ultimate neckbeard attention whore, which makes me sad because I want to like her really badly haha.

Or, I guess I just want her to be more than that because she has so much potential?? But she's always just nudes onto any bandwagon that is popular with the 4chan crowd. She's clearly really insecure and this has nude salina been her means of building self esteem- Having men on the internet lusting after her, so she's tried to build herself into the ultimate "I'm not like those others girls I actually LOVE sex and sucking your dick and have ZERO bad qualities like those other fucking "normies" I actually GET YOU, aren't I so desirable??

When some people came up with receipts Videos of her mocking trans people she uses the "IT'S OLD" excuse kitty lee anal that the people shoe0nhead the videos were "pretending" to be trans so it was fine that she was making fun of them.

She doesn't do anything besides flash cleavage on cam and be a cunt. She shoe0nhead herself with racists and doesn't care at all, but keeps getting into fights with terfs.

I don't even know why she cares, though, considering her audience is filled with anime fans who argue about if traps are gay or not. Reading her responses, it looks like she just parrots the opinions of the people around her. She cares about trans, because shes friends with trans and doesn't want to lose friends. Could you not be a bigot??? One day when you grow up nudes realize sexy panties tumblr more important to have friends and be nice to people than lesbian female ejaculation edgy opinions for internet cred.

I am NOT bald, you losers need to stop with this meme, it's very hurtful! This obsession of me really isn't healthy. I never got implants. Fun meme. Youtube isn't a career, I'm trying to get him skeptic to find a real job. At least part-time. If that answers both your questions. Like I said, it's not a career youtube. The cash cow's gonna die one day. Shoe0nhead has over 1. Shoe0nhead has one sister, and she had started dating the Shoe0nhead, Armoured Skeptic in the year, These sexy Shoe0nhead bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist.

Shoe0nhead has an amazing body and perfect figure and nudes looks stunning in almost any dress. Except the twitter vid of her with the snapchat filter, that just plays as-is. THIS is what was supposed to be shown, instead it showed her speaking rationally. Maybe she's making fun of the people against trans people using bathrooms, but uh Again this was all I saw, as nudes individual post, because I was digging through her "media" page nude cun Twitter.

Like I don't want to be mean but it seems you shoe0nhead of came here to white knight her without reading or looking at anything I presented and found one thing that embedded shoe0nhead to make her look good, and I honestly have no idea where she stands on the bathroom situation I support people using the bathroom they wantbut this post was gross tbh and a lot of her other posts are worse where she fat-shames despite the fact she used to be overweight, the making fun of looks in general, and all the slurs she perpetuates with Blaire White. That's obviously fake.

I don't know if she had a Catie obsession so cringy if she did nudes this is really a girl with some kind of identity crisis thing or something not diagnosing, that is not a diagnosis going on, and meanwhile she's really really shitty nudes people for I'm a little sceptical because that girl looks nothing like her, like at all, the nose shape is completley different, the face shape is off, also her forehead shape.

I like her. Sometimes I cringe at the edginess of her but mostly agree with her opinions on things. I can't always shoe0nhead her more ranty videos though because they kinda drag on. I, however do not follow her or Blaire. She seems to have become an associated act lol on twitter or other social media's aside from YouTube so I'm not sure about any Twitter beef that may have gone down before. I'd rather not have rants or arguments clogging my feed either. Posted 20 Aug I enjoy watching people like her and Blaire because they share my views although they can be cringey as fuck.

I don't see an issue with nudes because she's an adult and were taken when she was over I like Blaire better because she does bring up better points and has a different perspective as a trans person. Posted 20 Aug edited. Again I don't watch her on the regular basis.


shoe0nhead nudes diamond kitty bio File: Although I don't really watch her anymore I don't see nudes she's any different from the other anti sjw guys. I kind of find it funny, how most people all lump the anti sjw guys as "annoying" but if it's a girl she gets singled out. She and her boyfriend shilled for Candid, an app which is being used to train a deep net to classify short shoe0nhead and score them based on how well they get interacted with by other users. This is in turn going to be used in MyLikes' advertising business, and will also likely be sold to other companies who want a similar capability.
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shoe0nhead nudes licking cock gif File: Fuck Meat? Jesus Christ grocery. It's just some stupid IG comment. Its extremely nordic. Thirty minutes later, with Greg sound asleep, Ofgreg tweeted about how much she loved Greg, and how she hoped that some day the world would care about mens' feelings. From what I recall, she posted it on an image board awhile back possibly unichan?
shoe0nhead nudes big cunt tumblr Started by edda19 Aug Posted 19 Aug edited. Not sure if she already has a thread, but she's a lot like Blaire White in fact they seem to be internet BFFs. This means clickbaiting youtuber who posts as controversial things as possible. Except she throws in memes and attempts comedy, unlike Blaire.
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