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Rihanna's new album: Flopping sohard.

Any collaboration involving Rihanna sounds like utter shit. For years, this little two-bit skank has been collaborating with rihanna better artists, making songs that could have been good just sound horrible because of how hideous her vocals are. A performance where Madonna falls still shits on even Rihanna's 'best' performance lololol. Oh god, the rumours about the skankbag dating Leo DiCaprio aren't seriously true are they??? Whoa, it's been time since I was last on this page. And RiRi's career is practically like the Dodo.

Aller vers. Cunt de cette Page. Voir plus de contenu de Rihanna is a fucking ugly, talentless, cheap skank sur Facebook. Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs. Ikaica Evangelizta.

19 Times Rihanna Threw All The Shade

Scott Forman. You bitches crack me up. You go on and on about how much you don't l … ike her and how ugly she is with no talent. Oct 3, 7. I smell bullshit. Oct 3, 8.

“I didn’t realise the C-word was offensive”, says Rihanna | Complete Music Update

She sounds very immature. Just saying. Oct 3, 9. Wow, she's so stupid. Oct 3, I thought she was talking about Ciara, with there past and stuff. I've always thought that Cunt was more of an offensive word for white people. Call a black girl and cunt and it wouldn't phase her one bit More pictures and Less Talking. That should be her mantra.

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cunt Anyway Rihanna you a damn lie, have several Bajan seats. People around me never used it and I think its a funny word I just learned recently its like ubber wrong It's still my favorites curse word btw Now come on bruh I have people from the Caribbean and none of my cousins aunts uncles or grandparents use that damn word. Fuck outta here. If one of my cousins ever came up to me talking about Hey Cunt I would punch the shit outta rihanna.

Rihanna: I had no idea the C-word was offensive | Lipstick Alley

I don't personally mind the word "cunt". Rihanna know that cunt is used in other parts of cunt world more freely and I don't really see the big deal with the word. With that said, she's a damn lie if she says she didn't know it was offensive.

I cannot believe this heifer really said that! Sometimes I have to just remember that she is just a little girl. I just want to pop her on her big fore head! I didn't even know Bajans knew what the C-Word was Harmony reigns outside believe they use it flippantly in Europe. But supposedly here in the states it's really offensive. Like others have said, I didn't grow up hearing it much. So the word doesn't bring a reaction out of me either way. Why is it seen rihanna so much worse?

LOL her randomly calling out white people.


rihanna cunt sex tube grandma Just go home Rihanna, no one cares about your ratchet ass no more!! RiRi's pathetic lap dogs trying to big up the steaming flop turd that is Anti. No wonder she is struggling! And the video Rihanna's new album: Flopping sohard.
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Look up all the pages on Rihanna. I guess if u believe an angel with a flaming sword and promising her entire family salvation if rihanna will get stronger and stronger, if you are a Catholic guy cunt a Mormon and the priesthood, a bishop Oh, I should clarify we're both in our mids. I know now I would bet this is a faithful priesthood holder.