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Captionz thiz. I love how I told myself to stop updating when I have other things to draw from months or weeks ago. As always, final results on my art account upstart.

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Shes an artist and a hotty. Follow kayyybear raven teentitans cosplaygirl - 11 days ago. I feel bad for people being tricked into this shit. You gotta be really retarded individual to pay real money and get nothing in return.

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Nothing is wrong with paying for porn, but everything is wrong with paying for nothing worthy. And I bet she is still living with her parents. I remember times where we called this pedophile and a whore.

She is literally selling her body like a hoe…with 19!!!!

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You are getting angry, and yet here you are, denying her while fapping at the same time. Fucking hypocrite.

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Also 19 is not pedophilia anymore. The thing is people expect nudes from her. She is not a gold digger, she makes her own money. Cosplay 62 Reads 1 Vote Part Story counting sheep out. Some XD OR olivia pokemon. Username Username sortable list adult games sort clicking top each column.

Q: How do I access the sets? A: Sets are sent via dropbox link individually to each Kayyybear in your Patreon Messages. Q: How do I access your snapchat? A: My Nudes "snapchat" is currently being replaced by the use of the Patreon lens feature! All Level 3 and up patrons will be able to see my Patreon lens either using the Patreon app or the desktop site!

Same snapchat content, just simply using the Patreon platform itself. Q: Is there nudity or pornography?

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A: There is no nudity or pornographic acts. Q: Do you have an online store where I can purchase sets that I missed?

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If you live in this world you have to! A photo of me in a bikini unedited. This is my biggest fear. This is what I got. And I love me.


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