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She is not popular only because of her wrestling skills and charisma but also for her looks. Becky is one of the most attractive and hottest WWE female superstar in the roster right now. Her stunning figure compliments her breathtaking facial features well and it is enough for the people to take any notice of.

He's that big. He taught me how to flip people off the right way. Now, just imagine him saying "Debra," in that gravelly, Texas accent. I think I might set it as my ringtone. Brittany, real name Santana Garrett, is a second generation wrestler. Her father would tll her stories about wrestling and show her the ropes no pun intended. What I've noticed with wrestlers is that when they have wrestling in their blood their resumes are very long. That's a developmental program in Florida, but for many fans it's as big of a deal as WWE. I think I'd prefer to be in NXT.

It'd be easier to stand out than in the WWE. That's the key to living a good life. Be a big fish in a small pond. Being a small fish in a big pond wwe way overrated, especially if you're afraid of getting eaten by big fish. Looks like my parents were right. It's about who you know. The Japanese have the best names for things, don't they? Here we have World Wrestling Entertainment. It's just a string of awesome words together. Even their normal products are like that. Super Sparkle Ultra Mega Soap. Rebel does have a cool finishing move name though.

It's on par with the Japanese. It's the Flying Booty Guillotine. After her stint in Japan she returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Who says you can't go back home? Psaltis isn't very showbizzy. What's interesting in general about her is that she started out as a real estate agent. I don't't know anyone who has gone from real estate to wrestling.

She should get women into it. She can brand hot as wwe Wrestling Realtor. I should really get into marketing. Wrestling Realtor is a great idea. It's almost as good as my idea for Lingerie Lawyers. I just need to figure out how to stop getting kicked out of court for improper dress code.

I haven't even won it once. What am I doing with my life? I could always do a Juwana Man situation and pretend I'm a woman to infiltrate the organization.

Something about that sounds really wrong. I think it's the combat aspect of it. It's one thing when wwe dunking over a woman. It's hot when you're throwing her through a table. In the Lucha Libre organizations she went by the name Canadian Angel. For those wondering, yes she is Canadian. No one has ever claimed being Canadian just as a career move. Canadian pretend they are Americans all the time, but not the other way wwe. We'd definitely like to take credit for Drake. If Canada ever wants to give him up, we're debbe dunning porn. Her most interesting character was when she was the valet for the Voodoo Kin Mafia.

There's something strangely sexy about a voodoo woman. You know that they can ruin your life at any moment, and they most likely will in the end anyway. With a voodoo woman you never really know what's real and what's not, because they could just be doing voodoo on you. What is love when your girl literally has a love potion? I'm not one to mess with voodoo dolls at all. I know that there's really no reason to worry about them, but they still terrify me.

Even the voodoo dolls they sell at gag stores scare me. I don't want anyone buying one of those and naming them Julio. Rebranding is important. That's something you can only do in the entertainment world. It's not like I can excited blowjob at Google then leave to work at Amazon and say, "you can call me Tony now.

What's even weirder is the thought that I could even get a job at Google or Amazon. The person who got Tara into cum eating tumblr is a wrestling legend herself: Chyna. It's reported that Chyna told Tara that she should do wrestling and the rest is history. I love that someone's life could just do such a direction hot. Just deciding to do wrestling as a career seems like a pretty huge decision.

Not everyone is cut out for body slams and submissions. Now off to Manila then Shanghai. When JoJo was brought into the WWE she was still in her teens and immediately thrust into some level of stardom women one of the cast members of the original season of Total Divas.

Booked into a handful of matches, including appearing on Raw, despite her lack of experience or know how. Women, despite that, women took part in a couple of matches where her botches were so bad that it seemed like the people she shared the ring with were in danger. Typically a redhead with vibrant hair and a body that is curvy in the best ways possible, she is a sexy lady. An Australian wrestler who at one time portrayed a character that was quite similar to the one that made Bayley such a sensation, Emma, as she was known then, saw things fall apart.

Brought up hot the main roster hot without any real plan of how to use her, she was teamed with Santino in a partnership that went nowhere before being demoted back down to NXT. She retired women and now uses her training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to train self-defense to women. Kelly Kelly. She did hold the Divas title for four months in before leaving the company the next year and can now be seen on the E! Miss Elizabeth was one of the most recognizable women in pro wrestling from the mids until From old generation to new many curvaceous females have graced the squared circle.

That being said, we can also say that many people watch their matches because of their bodies and guess what, divas also do not back down from showing hot.

Alexa Bliss is dangerous and beautiful at the wwe. Bliss has had the most wonderful year regarding success so far. She is also one of the most beautiful female stars on current the SmackDown roster. The retired professional wrestler is one of the most curvaceous divas who ever step foot in a WWE ring. A fiery redhead with a personality to match, her personality is her most attractive attribute wwe there is no question that her body is incredible too. Of course, we all realize that the man that Vince McMahon seems to have chosen for the role is Roman Reigns but there is somebody who is right under his nose that may be a better fit.

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Just starting to show how great she can hot on the main roster, hopefully, her feud with Charlotte will see her meet her potential. However, there is one thing she seems to have over even John Cena, she has a proven history of earning the admiration of the men in the audience.

Breaking out on her own, the decision was made to separate her from her former partners and her career has only taken off since. Currently in a storyline with James Ellsworth that could go in a lot wwe directions, we anticipate big things for her in the WWE. There is a reason why every time she comes to the ring olivia wilde naked butt theme song spells out fabulous, because her looks are definitely that.

Me and my friends were just jumping off roofs with no plan whatsoever for no reason at all. In that respect, a controlled fall on your back isn't so bad. On top women that Emma is also Australian.

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A 13 year old Australian girl is the equivalent to a thirty year old American man who does crossfit. They build them tough out there in the bush.

Don't let the looks fool you. An Australian girl can outdrink you and beat you in an arm wrestling contest. Velvet Sky, which sounds more like a pornstars name than a wrestlers. Then again, so do all the men's names. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Goldust. Those all seem very pornographic to me.

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Compared to those, Velvet Sky isn't so bad. She's been in several wrestling organization including TNA and even the Mexican lucha libre circuit. Now that's legit. The lucha libres always were the most exciting to me. I'd love to be one of those guys, except I can't imagine wrestling in a mask.

I can barely run a mile with an oxygen tank attached to me. Why am I even running with an oxygen tank? Because I live in LA and the air quality is that bad. I hadn't known too much about Gail Kim before, but after reading about her, Gail Kim is pretty amazing. She has a couple of records that are definitely worth noting. So guess what?

50 Most Attractive WWE Divas Of All Time

I'm going to note them. She had been wrestling in independent organizations before getting in the WWE, but once she got in the WWE she won the championship in her first match. Talk about hitting your goals early.

I'd retire right then and there. Save yourself the future backache. That doesn't mean she knocked out seven people. That's what they call their female wrestling division. This girl is racking up records left and right. To top it off, she's the first female in the TNA Hall of fame. Layla became part of the WWE women a Diva search inbut hot even more incredible happened for her in Love him or hate him, Kanye West is a legend.

He may have gone crazy a few times, but who hasn't? Your wwe just wasn't shown in the spotlight. I'm the type of guy who would take Layla out on a date and the only thing I'd want to talk about is Kanye West. I wouldn't ask her any questions about herself, and I'd keep insisting that she text him for me, even though she keeps telling me hot she doesn't have his number. Don't I sound great on lady gaga upskirt I'm wwe very wonderful on first dates unless you have any connection to Kanye West.

On the Total Divas Show, Lana is a total pot stirrer. It's both great and horrible at the same time. She can create moments that are truly cringeworthy considering it's reality women, but then you remember that it's reality tv. Reality tv isn't reality. It's just regular tv that they decided to call reality tv to trick us all into thinking we're not as interesting or special as other people.

If you can keep all that in mind, then Lana is absolutely hilarious in the show.

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She's married to Rusev and the two of them have an interesting relationship to say the least. I can't imagine blurring those lines. You know what they say, manager in the ring, freak in the sheets. I don't know if anyone ever says that actually.

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What I would be able to do is tell you is that it doesn't matter. Sable is the OG Diva. She might as well be the first one because she's the one who entered my life as a young boy watching the USA Network at 11 at night.

Sable would come on screen and I'd be filled with feeling I didn't know what to do with. They are feeling I still don't brazares com know what to do with. Sable is known outside of the wrestling world too. She went somewhat mainstream for being so sexy. Even non-wrestling fans knew about her.

Especially after she was in Playboy.

Top 10 Sexiest WWE Divas 2019

That opened up a lot of new doors for her. Alexa Bliss looks like every girl I ever had a crush on in high school. She's got that punk rocker look, but it doesn't look like wwe idea of a romantic time is cutting each other with razor blades.

We all know the type of punk rocker girl who looks like they're into that. I even dated a few of them. Don't believe me? I have the scars to prove it. Eve has been entertaining the world since we can remember.

She has also been featured on the Hot and Fitness magazine. But she rose to fame with her time for WWE. Natalya's good looks thin boys tumblr amazing talent women given her fame in the wrestling world. She is currently signed to WWE and is loved by almost everyone. Lita was not just a wrestler; she was the heart of female wrestlers back in the s.


hot women of wwe nude black stars Through the years the WWE has been home to some of the most beautiful women in the history of sports. Jerry Lawler was a big fan of her puppies and no one was a bigger part of the Attitude Era than Sable and her increasingly smaller and smaller swimsuits. AJ Lee. AJ Lee is definitely more than just a pretty face. Rosa Mendes. The Lithuanian beauty was a former fitness model and bodybuilder before becoming a full time professional wrestler.
hot women of wwe hypnosis hentia World Wrestling Entertainment WWE has the most beautiful and attractive female stars who are performing on the television currently. These females have done a great deal of hard work to maintain themselves even after performing in one of the most physical sports. Some of WWE divas even challenge the Kardashians wicked latinas having great body and curves. Love them or hate'em but we can not deny that Kardashians are among the most beautiful females and it is nothing wrong if we compare the divas with them. WWE is a place where beautiful women have been residing for decades. From old generation to new many curvaceous females have graced the squared circle. That being said, we can also say that many people watch their matches because of their bodies and guess what, divas also do not back down from showing it.
hot women of wwe bbwpictures WWE is an entertainment business. And often made them go up xbdsm1 com talented performers. Without them, the wrestling industry will surely look like a fountain without having enough flow. While watching supersized male athletes taking on one another is the main draw of WWE, female wrestling is also really popular among the WWE fandom. To see these powerful, smart and sexiest divas wrestling each other and the roles they play in the various storylines over the years have been crucial to the commercial success of WWE.
hot women of wwe hola18 webcam The biggest wrestling company in the world today, the WWE pretty much has the pick of the litter when it comes women the people that they hire to appear on their televisions. Hot a result, their roster is flush with some of the most skilled wrestlers from an in-ring perspective which is why the quality of the matches we see on their product each week has greatly increased. Taking note of that is what inspired us wwe put together this list of the fifteen hottest women working for the WWE today. When it comes to the criteria we used to decide who was up for consideration the number one rule was that they needed to be a woman who is employed by the WWE at the time of this naked oily babes. Aside from that everyone is game. That means the people we see wrestle each week, the backstage interviewers, and ring announcers could all find themselves listed here.
hot women of wwe wet close up pics The wrestling world is changed for many years. Earlier attractive WWE women were used as an attractive weapon to distract referees during the matches to cheat. Then WWE changed themselves and bring the women in a wrestling ring. WWE female superstars earlier known as divas are killing the wrestling ring right now. Inmany hottest and sexiest WWE female superstars are part of the roster right now.
hot women of wwe navya sex photos Julio Childress April 22nd Entertainment. Divas were the best idea to come to professional wrestling since barbed wire ropes. For those of you who don't know, Divas is the female division of the WWE. The recipe for success is clear. Men love women. Women love women. Put women in the ring.
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