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Alee Rose is an incredibly talented photographer taking pictures of some of the most sizzling tattooed women on the internet. Australian and German model Tina Louise will make your head spin with her sweet smile and incredible body art. Subscribe now, or you'll regret it.

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Did we mention she has 1. She's racked up almostfollowers, and it's not difficult to hot why. Her incredible snaps will have you running to the next available tattoo parlor. She's scored over a million followers on Instagram with her amazing body art and incredible figure.

According to GQshe's not impressed by guys who women out of tattooed cars," so if you ever do come across her, be respectful. Instagram model from Massachusetts has some amazing ink to show off to the world. Her sleeve tattoos are out of this world. Vancouver based model Alyssa Barbara's Instagram profile is on fire. Her amazing fashion looks have been gracing tattooed covers peg hentai international fashion magazines for a while now.

LA based model knows how to show off her amazing body art. She's worked with a number of high profile New York based fashion brands and has been featured on magazines such as Maxim and Inked Magazine. Her work ranges from high profile celebrities to glamour and weddings.

But it might be worth it to go ahead and use Google Translate to find out more about her. Inked up model from Dallas, Texas is quite a presence. Don't get too close or you'll get burnt. Her amazing tattoos have inspired thousands of people all over the web to get ink done. And it's not hard to see how. Make sure to check out her amazing women of pin up images on her personal site.

Her tattoos are out of this world. A perfect blend of Halloween-scary and sexy.

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Gypsy Rose is an incredibly talented tattoo artist that loves to show off her new work on her Instagram page. She also likes to share her newest sketches in case you're looking for inspiration. She describes herself as a cannabis activist and has some amazing dreadlocks to match.

Check out her Etsy for some Damsel swag. Curvaceous Christy Mack has graced the cover of tons of high profile magazines and has a background in the pornography industry.

You'll have a lot of fun following Stefanie on Instagram.

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Her quirky snaps range from hilarious or insightful to super sexy. Her feed is made up of gorgeous landscapes and dreamy selfies. And she really knows how to rock that wide brimmed hat.

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Von D and Massacre allowed society to see tattooed women as multi-dimensional human beings and inspired more women than ever to go under the needle. Now, inthere are more heavily tattooed women than ever before and because of social media, we're introduced to inked models from around the world. These women are just a tiny fraction of the gorgeous tattoo models out there, however, these are some of the sexiest women working today. Take a look at the gallery below to meet our top women and let us know which model on our list is your women crush.

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And if we missed one of your favorite babes, call us out in the comments section on Facebook. Artists Only. Inked Shop.


hot tattooed women girl nude dare Tired of staring at boring old group selfies of your best buds hanging out on Instagram? It's time to spice things up and add these 30 amazing Instagram models to up your game. You won't regret it. What do they have in common besides being stunning models? They share a passion for getting ink done, and we're not talking a simple anchor or sparrow on the side of the hip.
hot tattooed women trisha nude fake pics While women have been getting tattooed in Native American, Maori and other cultures for thousands of years, tattooed women have only been a part of the Western world for the last hundred years. The first tattooed Women women in America were those who performed in sideshow and vaudeville acts during the late 19th century. The tattooed women of this time were an extreme taboo to the rigid gender norms of Victorian society, however, this allowed tattooed women like Nora Hildebrandt and Irene Woodward to monetize off their mystique. Throughout the tattooed and s, the tattooed ladies continued to perform in sideshows around the country but by the time World War II came to an end, the circus scene began to fade out hot tattooed women went underground. Many of the women who performed in sideshows cytherea strapon up tattooing as a profession, with some learning the trade from their significant others.
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