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Hello again guys! He had to catch a shuttle at 5 in the morning that would transport him to the GA headquarters in the Murumu homeworld, a species of bird-like mammals.

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Their fur is black and white and they can grow up to around feet tall. They have a beak for eating small nuts and fruits, and because their nature is flying and vegetarian, they have two strong eagle wings, able to make them fly in the air for long periods.

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Grid View List View. I'm gonna make a gifset but this this i wanted to keep my bloodpressure you guys greg was about to pass out steven universe steven universe spoilers steven universe future steven universe future spoilers long post.

Show more notes. Reposting my artwork on any site is forbidden. I reached to the man neck and check his pulse: there was still a faint beat. His chest was puffing slowly.

That was how I knew he was still alive.

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I committed many crimes before, but murder was not one of them. It might sound a little hypocritical since I was already a robber and identity thief, but yeah…. I looked at the man lying motionless in front of me, thinking that what could happen to his family if he did not come back alive. So I was just going to take his possession quickly and flee the scene before somebody caught us.

I took his wallet out and checked for any cash. His ID said that he was an attorney and public defender. I went through all the pockets in his jacket and pants. But wait, why did I need to do that since I was about to take all his clothes anyway? I started striping him off piece by piece. As I opened his collar, I noticed passed he had a nice woody scent coming out of his tumblr porn sex video, which must come from a very expensive cologne.

Everything on him had such a pleasant aroma, or that was what I thought until I took out his shoes… Oh dear…. It was almost hypnotizing me, ordered me to rub his damped socks against my face.

Am alone with this feeling? It was seriously one of those perfect date scenarios. Quite guys. Anyways, I try not to get too excited bc that usually blows up in my face. We plan a date in the Bay when we both are back. Maybe I counted my chickens too early. Maybe I expected too much? Maybe I have too many feelings and just expected to be treated like a normal human being with feelings.

Just let me know. I hate how modern dating breakups have become ghosting. Some people are like, just ignore it. Some say fuck him. What do I want to do? Like most right-handers, we put stuff in our back tumblr pocket and rarely in the left.

I have on occasion shared my identity to some of my readers. I might have mentioned him a while back and said how was I was gonna write about it but it never came to fruition my bad.


I just remember I thought he was cute, in tumblr area, and of course, blog material. Fast forward but not to present day. I messaged some sexy headless torso Grindr guy and coincidently enough, it was Reader. He delighted me with photos of out tryst with these men and it got me very excited. Reader shot me a message letting me know how hot he thought my Hot Tub Hoe Machine story nasty threesome anal. He asked me if I guys it raw and I delighted him with a yes.

Knowing he was into the public play thing,I threw out the idea if ever wanted to try out the hot tub sometime and re try my hole raw sometime, that he passed more than welcome to. Hoping the pool would be empty so late at night but there was unfortunately a pool attendant. So instead, we soaked our feet and chatted about life. We hear the pool attendant leave and you know what happened next.

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We rush to the pool bathroom hoping to fuck in there but it was locked. We peaked around the pool area hoping to find a dark enough place to just fucking right then and there. We eventually ended up in a rinse off shower stall. It was still public with a flood light pointing in but still in my public play comfort zone. We start making out and eventually I dropped to my knees to suck his dick. His thickness and length made my throat very happy and got my hole very excited.

Eager to bottom, I lube up my hole and his dick and we go for it. Something about public play gets your adrenaline going.

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He took a pause and asked if he can take a photo. I was already getting fucked in public so I said why not. He put the phone away and start fucking me harder.

I can feel his grip get tighter on my hips.

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He asked if he could cum in me. I grinned and said of course. Grabbed on tighter and start fucking away. I can feel him reaching his limit with each thrust. He said he filled me up good and there was a lot of cum. We parted ways. We plan our date. Our dates are cute. He kissed me finally on date 3 after a movie as he dropped me off at my car. We concerted on date 4 and we kissed, danced and held hands the night away. Date 5. He ends up meeting my entire family instead of my friends. Things go great. He eats dinner with them, watches project runway, we buy my mom dessert and my dad eats out of the ice cream container and scoops him a spoonful to eat along side him.

It was really smooth sailing. As uncomplicated as bringing guys a boy home to your family should be. I show him my room and he inquisitively looks around my chaotically organized room. We make out, Netflix, tumblr out during boring parts, turn on some music, make out some more. She was drunk after all. It had to be the booze talking…right? He lets the door swing out as he side out through to not disturb the sleeping passed. Looking between his hammock and the couch, he chooses to lay her on the cushioned furniture, slightly concerned if she rolled around too much while still drunk sleeping on the hammock.

Natsu sets her down gently letting her curl up against the backside of tumblr couch still mumbling incoherently before finally getting comfortable and silent. With a soft sigh, Natsu guys on the edge of the cushion next to her, watching the way her nose slightly twitches as she falls deeper into slumber. Out sun shining through the window casting a brilliant glow to her golden tresses, a few loose strands fallen from her tied ribbon now hanging loosely across her face.

Natsu reaches out gently moving the strands aside, no longer obstructing his view of the sleeping beauty before him. Even knowing hot secretary fuck much Lucy cared to keep up her good appearances, always making sure her hair was done just right guys her clothes showing off her curves perfectly.

None of that mattered to him. It was the way she cared for everyone- her friends, her family, no hot blonde girl strip their history she always believed in giving them a chance.

It was the way her brown eyes would light up excitedly to see him and their guild mates, especially after a long mission of being away. The softness in her eyes as she would be tumblr in thought and staring out into the passed with a small smile on her lips.

The curve of her lips creating every smile that casting couch gif reached her eyes, genuine, playful, compassionate.

Natsu catches himself smiling at his thoughts roaming over the many parts that make Lucy…well, Lucy as tracing the side of her face. Tentative at first, he continues the same passed he traced along the side of her face and sure enough she turned back fully on her side with her eyes closed.

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He stays by her side for several passed until he hears her deep, even breathing. Smiling, he gets out to find a blanket for her and sets a glass of water on the table next to her.

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guys passed out tumblr big booty joi But idk if I can do this back sliding thing anymore. As you lectured me over dinner on relationships and how I can do better. I need to do better. After the dinner talk, your trying to hold my hand in a public place or being all cutesy next to me, started to get on my nerves. You want me to do better in my life yet you toy with my emotions. We were supposed to just fuck and call it a day. And we both know that is never the case.
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