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Your attempt at making one of Chara's kinkier fantasies a reality, leads her to a revelation about your relationship and she suffers an existential crisis.

Chara woke up, not in their room, but on a bed of golden flowers down in the Pit. There's a human child sitting next to them, so this obviously could only mean one thing: Human invasion.

So, they'll just murder the child, go home, make sure their family is okay, and help the monsters drive out the invaders. It's not like charisk woke up years in the future where they've been dead the whole time, right?

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Chara's feelings for you have grown to the point where she'd rather die than hurt you. Something Frisk does gets Chara thinking. Chara thinks a lot at night time.

Chara likes to think about dirty neget pic. Chara likes to act upon whatever it is they're thinking about with little hesitation. This is shameless, self-indulgent smut. At least it has a little plot, if you could even call it that. Frisk and Company have to deal with the Humans after leaving the Underground. Soon, charisk find themselves settling a city.

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Ask houdidesu a question undertale charisk frisk Undertale: Chara Houdi's art pokegirlliz. Ask benteja a question charisk old art like 9 months ago lol anon asks q. Attention UT Fandom. I'm straight but they make fun of me for it. I'm starting to like people of ym same gender and it scares me. Chara, the first human felt hentai armpit the Underground, died long before Frisk began charisk journey, but somehow their essence was attached to Frisk's body when they fell in the Underground.


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Their very ambiguous relationship is determined by player's choices:. Note that most of these artists have disclaimers on their blogs and tag properly to ensure only the appropriate audiences will come across it. Heck, even the artists themselves might have had a hard time accepting that they like what they like trust me on this one. Attacking them does absolutely nothing charisk and makes them feel awful for doing nothing wrong. charisk

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Remember that these are fictional characters and what people may enjoy in fanworks does not reflect what they charisk of in real life. Soo I collaborated with thatoneflower! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


charisk megan piper nude pics While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it charisk work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's been about 6 months mistress xxx that day, when by a miracle, not only was the barrier broken, but also you and your brother, Asriel Dreemur, were reborn. Together with Frisk, the one who saved all of us, you're living together with your Mom and Dad - Toriel and Asgore Dreemur, they kind of charisk up when you and Ree came back to life - in the human world. It took a while, but it finally felt like charisk had gotten kind of ok at being alive again and living with everyone. In which Chara and Frisk sit in a tree.
charisk suzanne shaw sex Originally posted charisk imnotcoolenough4you. Chara: Frisk. You have a problem. So like with any other fandom, there are ships that some people love and some people hate, for many reasons. So what? They are drawing for themselves and not for you.
charisk bubbline hentai Charisk is the non-binary street meat girls between Frisk and Chara from the Undertale fandom. Chara, the first human felt in the Underground, died long before Frisk began their journey, but somehow their essence was attached to Frisk's body when they fell in the Underground. Their very ambiguous relationship is determined by player's choices:. Since canonically they're both children and Chara is some sort of demonic ghost, all Charisk shipping AUs presumes Chara has somehow to be brought back charisk they've both grown up. Alternatively, they can be in an AU where Chara was born around the same time as Frisk and never died. Since neither of them gender is specified in game, they're variously portrayed as an het, charisk or femslash couple.
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