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Girl time! Manicures and pedicures. Celebrating mom's birthday again. Tracey Lawhorn Bruellman added a new photo — at Cali Nails. Melissa Schneider Schmitt is at Cali Nails.

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Love this new color! And, of course, the design from Kelly at Cali Nails. Cassie Degner is at Cali Nails. Time to relax and get a pedicure! I could seriously do this every day! Delta Dawn Guns checked wakfu r34 to Cali Nails. Pedicure time. Getting pampered. Farrah Garman Wehrspan is at Cali Nails. Jaime McEnroe is at Cali Nails.

Pedi's for the Royal Princesses!!! Amanda Bruhn is at Cali Nails.

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Madison and I are getting manicures done. Near Cali Nails. Crown Salon Hair Salon. Wonder Nails Nail Salon. Pretty Nails Nail Salon.

317 E Call St, Algona, IA 50511

Related Pages. Desi's Desserts Cupcake Sexy mallu. They do not take their time. I barely have time to relax and they could massage more when they put the scrub on and then again when put the lotion on.

Expense way to basically get your toe nails painted. The people are great Nicole Streuber. Feb 15, It is not a "spa" pedicure. They do great job on fills for nails, however pedicure very disappointing, too rushed.

No variety of scents for scrubs or lotions.

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Leah Hamilton. Sep 30, I got gel nails that stayed good for 4 weeks! Melissa Ubben. Aug 3, Kelly and the girls do an Awesome job and wouldn't go anywhere else!! John Hood. Jan 23,


cali nails algona ia hot busty teen Horrible service! I've went there twice now and they told me to leave right away because they were too busy. But it was just opening and no one was in there! I can't always do my own nails and have them done here. They put you in a massage chair, and soak your feet. Massage lower leg and forearms PLUS nice nails. Definitely would recommend you give them a try!
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